custom longboards

Blank Longboards

Need blank longboards? We can make just about any shape any size in you want. We mainly make custom shapes people give to us we are not the creator of the longboard shape. Longboard Brands and shops come to us asking us to build a shape for them. All you need is a sketch or dimensions of the longboard you want and we can make you a blank longboard that will make you enjoy riding longboards.

blank longboard

Blank longboards are great because you can save some money. You save money becaue a big portion of cost in most longboards is the printing. That is why you see so many longboards out in the market with logos or mainly wood. We have worked hard to deliver a cost effective way to give you longboards with your custom graphics on them without charging a arm and leg. We work hard to develop new printing equipment to take labor out. Not only do we make the boards we design equipment and machinery to make custom longboards and blank longboard decks.


Here is a photo of a longboard on a cnc machine after the board just being cut.

Making longboards by hand is how it started but with technology we can take big strides on how longboards are made. All longboards need some hands on or we could not say hand made custom longboards. Always make sure your longboards are made in America we just do it better. Longboard Skateboarding started in the USA so it should stay.

  custom longboard decks
Lowest longboard truck

Our factory is located in Huntington Beach Ca!

Same location for over 11 years.

Our technology is so advanced to product high end longboards we don't allow factory tours to just anybody. We have made so many advances in manufacturing longboards we have had to keep our technology secret even from our own workers.

longboard veneer


We can make them cheaper!

How? you ask us.

How do we provide a great product at a price that is even chaper than you doing it yourself?

Easy! I am an engineer.

An engineer is a professional concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to and systems while considering develop solutions for technical problems. Engineers design materials, structures, machines and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, safety and cost. The word engineer is derived from the Latin root ingenium, meaning "cleverness"

  drop through longboard

From glueing the longboards to cutting out the shape on a cnc machine we dont outsource any of the production. We do it all inhouse even the printing. Most skateboard makers buy the heat transfers from overseas. We make them here in our factory giving even more work to American workers.

Our whole goal is to bring longboard skateboard manufacturing back to whre it all started!